Thursday, December 1, 2016

{all about the dress(es) }

I love dresses but it's hard continuing to wear them when you live in New England the weather is turning from golden Autumn to freezing winter. I also have been obsessed with everything vintage. The hardest part? The hair! If only I could do the beautiful hair styles with ease! I need to spend time on my days off searching Youtube for 40's and 50's hair tutorials. My favorite classic Hollywood starlet/fashion icon of the moment? Gene Tierney. (Blog post in her honor to come soon!)

Here's a look at this warm tartan dress I recieved from Unique Vintage. I layered it with dark green stockings and felt so warm on such a cold late November day. The green, I'm convinced, will look good any skin color. 

It was amazing twirling about but also being warm!! when I was shooting with Mark Johnson in the must-see British Art Gallery in New Haven. 

Some of my other favorite dresses and outfits from Unique Vintage (with of course the aid of a warm coat and some leggings! ):

Sunday, November 27, 2016

{christmas, tradition and love }

Love is many, many things and sometimes it can be complicated. Freddie and I were planning a wedding. The stress was a lot - not just the wedding but life in general. We broke up and we have gotten back together. Its exciting news and even more exciting as we spent Halloween, Thanksgiving and soon Christmas again with each other. It's amazing having a best friend as your love and someone who supports and inspires you to be better.

Love or rather people, can be complicated. I understand. Everyone has a story and every couple has their own unique story. One of the things I really love doing with Freddie is decorating for Christmas! Last year I decided to turn the mantle into my side project: 

I want it to look even better this year! Here's a few oldies from last year and some new stuff I bought at Target ! I will keep you posted on the status of our mantle and the decorating of our tree which is one of my favorite things. Freddie, his daughter Olivia and I have decorated two years in a row now. I think each year we get better at it and looks and shines even brighter. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

{my love for vintage, art and pretty dresses}

For as long as I can remember I loved everything vintage. As a little girl, I watched the re-runs of "That Girl" and thought Marlo Thomas was everything. My mom always showed me photographs of Grace Kelly. She once was Hitchcock's Icy Blondes who turned into a smiling, "graceful" princess. As I got older, Audrey and Marilyn are hard to ignore. Their images and brands are synonymous with either class and elegance or timeless sexiness and glamour.

Now, I love Gene Tierney and Lana Turner and yes, Grace Kelly.

Of course, I have taken to vintage clothing. Recently I stumbled upon a site, Unique Vintage and fell in love with their dresses that looked like they came right out of 40s and 50s. I collaborated with photographer Mark Johnson where he shot me in these gorgeous dresses from Unique Vintage. Our backdrop: the stunning Yale Art Gallery and The British Art Gallery across the street.

The holidays can be stressful. They can drain you. But that day, twirling in vintage dresses surrounded by beautiful art I felt amazing. Thank you Mark and Unique Vintage for making my day.  I also love that UV has a wide selection of all sizes. I can range from 4-6 (and sometimes less and sometimes more) but I love the fact they accommodate so many sizes! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

{the things that move us}

 When Elton John sings:
"Goodbye Norma Jean
From the young man in the twenty second row
Who sees you as something more than sexual,
More than just our Marilyn Monroe" in Candle in the Wind it makes me want to cry, it makes my heart heavy and I can't exactly explain why. Maybe it just sounds so heartfelt, such a personal touch to a love letter of a song. Isn't that a beautiful thing - when a song, a poem or a simple sentence can awaken us with emotion?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

{t h i s m o m e n t}

"One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today" - Dale Carnegie 

{Ed. Note: My hiatus is almost over. I've missed this blog and the creative outlet it has given me. Working on new ideas and fresh perspectives}

Saturday, October 15, 2016

{my heart in my hands}

Here I am, Here I've been standing with my heart in my hands. It's been beating like crazy. You don't want it and that's okay. In life sometimes we are the ones with the heavy hearts, sometimes we are the ones saying we can't accept it. They say people come in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I say some people are chapters, or a page, maybe a footnote or they become your whole book. But you, you got lost in translation.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mad Men Inspired Hair

I haven't delved into a series in a long time, but when I finally did I picked one that already ended: Mad Men. It was one of those shows I always told myself I had to watch, I just never did. Finally I did it: I watched every episode from start to finish. I fell into the world of the complex characters and found myself reigniting my love for vintage fashion. Betty Draper is a complex character, one I liked to watch because I couldn't stand her at times, sometimes she amused me, but I always was curious to what should be wearing.

I had a photoshoot for this Wednesday but it got rained out.  Jerica Giselle, who's very sweet and knowledgable, from Luscious Locks and  did an amazing job doing a vintage inspired hair style that mirrored Betty but still had a modern sensibility.

Now Betty and her style: