Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter: Life Through Pictures Part 2

March is here! With snow! And freezing rain! And cold! Will it ever end?

I hope so, I really do. I like the other 3 seasons New England has to offer but Winter leaves me cold, exhausted and uninspired. I feel like I'm always looking out the window daydreaming of another place.

February 4th - I went to dinner with wonderful mom and brother Paul (My brother Connor was working) and we had a nice dinner and my mom gave me a card and a new Alex and Ani bracelet with a funny monkey charm!

I love having time in the morning to drink coffee in vintage lace dresses. I had received Warsan Shire's Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth and Shinji Moon's The Anatomy of Being and they both have inspired, haunted, and illuminated my days and nights.

On my birthday, February 5th, I felt sentimental and looked through old Polaroids. 
Top Left clockwise: Me as a Baby, My Maternal Grandparents Paul & Pauline (R.I.P)
and my mother Melanie with me, Me sitting on my Mother's lap, and baby me and my dad laughing.

Up top: At Mohegan Sun! Birthday Dress courtesy of Joyce Leslie
Bottom: Me with Beautiful Birthday Roses!

Back to reality: Relaxing with tea and magazines with some of my favorite babes (Margot Robbie, Candice Swanepoel and Taylor Swift!)

Although it is not indictive of what's going on outside my window I had to snap these beautiful flowers at Edge of the Woods Market in New Haven. 

What does your winter look like?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter: Life Through Pictures

        January and February (and yes even March) are my least favorite months. The colder and darker the months the less energy I get. Being so cold I don't want to ever leave my house. I'm trying to fight this lethargy and keep my life as active and as interesting as possible even if it means enjoying the mundane things in life!

I absolutely love these NorthFace boots I bought at Denali right in the heart of New Haven. Not only are they comfortable but they are durable. Last year I went through 5-6 pairs of boots that were inexpensive but cute. 

I'm loving this "C" mug I got at TJ Maxx...only 2.99!! 

New Year's Day. This was my New's Year Day. No deep thoughts or going to the gym, just me in a comfortable dress drinking coffee flipping through old vogues. Can you say bliss?

I went to get a mani/pedi done at my favorite Nail Salon - Sera Nails in Branford, CT. After I walked to the window and took this shot. I love how beautiful and quaint Branford's town green is. 

And my hands with my gel manicure, touching the freezing cold rail. Ah, winter!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ring in 2015 with Style

I can not believe ANOTHER year is gone by. Usually I find Christmas Eve and Christmas to be day of reflection and nostalgia, sometimes I'm ripe with sadness of what I lost but I realized that every year we lose and we gain, and to keep the positive energy flowing. Here's some ideas to ring in the New Year with style!

I've tended to wear shorter dresses (minus last year where I decided jeans and a cardigan) but wow, this Kimono dress from ASOS is absolutely so elegant and I have a feeling if you are in colder weather like me, will keep you warmer than a LBD! 

Speaking of LBDs, I think this is a perfect one to ring in the new year. Dress it with some sparkly accessories to be festive or keep it classic, I absolutely love the lace front (and back!) Courtesy of Polished Boutique

For decorations, I love these NYE printables! Read more for fabulous ideas at Living Locurto

I think this eye makeup is incredibly beautiful and I love it for NYE. Caprissmakeup has all the details to create this gorgeous look. 

The most important I have learned though, whether you get dressed up, dressed down, go out, stay in is to do what makes you feel comfortable. It doesn't take a new year to change your life, but hey I don't knock it either. Stay positive and be positive! We all got to....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Morning Meditations: Mindfulness

{I've taken a vacation away from my blog. I was working two jobs then settled into my new one but have felt exhausted each work day and to escape to beautiful places on the weekends and live life, not just write about it. Hopefully this blog entry marks the end of my exile and the start of a series called Morning Meditations based on a book I bought)

This past Sunday I went on a solo excursion to the beautiful town green of Guilford, CT.I went and wandered the bookstore, Breakwater Books, a lovely independent bookstore that's been open since 1972. After I grabbed The Great Gatsby I found  Morning Meditations: Daily Reflections to Awaken Your Power to Change. After purchasing them I headed to the green on this beautiful Autumn day and leafed through the books. 

So relaxing and peaceful. The first chapter of Morning Meditations dealt with: Mindfulness and asked 2 Questions:
1)How do you plan to use the book to change your daily experience of life?
I want it to not just sit on my shelf, collecting dust. I want it to be a guide for life that I can look through and make me think about positivity and positive steps in life. I want to serve as a paperback anchor. to keep me grounded and also make me realize wisdom is boundless. 

2)Are you willing to make a commitment to the pages of this book to examine your life and be open to changing it for the better? 
Absolutely. Committing to an open heart, to positive change, to a better life, to peace. Yes, all of the above.

On the topic of Mindfulness: What are some things you feel you should be more mindful of in your life?

Monday, September 1, 2014


You can fall in love and it can be messy and hurtful and it can leave you wondering what you're doing in your life as you sit in the car in the pouring rain - that's always a place you hide and think. It's so easy to blame the other person,but why are you trying to make a home out of hurt? Why chose discord over serenity. There's a part of you that chooses to lose yourself in the mosaics. When you realize it, you can still believe in love. But you also believe in happiness and kindness and better days and that love doesn't break your spirit it only enhances it. 

Saturday Wedding under the sun

My cousin got married Saturday. It was very relaxing, lots of barefeet in grass, music in the background. No pretense or frills. It's nice to see the union of love under the sunlight while everyone is in comfortable clothes and just there to enjoy the time!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Etsy Finds!

 From the delicate charm necklaces to beautiful headbands, you can find one of a kind pieces on Etsy! I haven't shopped there in awhile but today I was prerusing and wanted to share my favorites!

I'm loving this Great Gatsby-inspired headpiece. Perfect for costume parties or just dressing up an outfit.

I adore this intricate cherry blossom pendant. So feminine and beautiful.
{via: emmagemshop }

Gorgeous flower crown with peach accents and baby's breath.

Loving this cute Johnny Cash fleece sweatshirt! 
{via: BijouBuys }

Very cute sweatshirt for the coffee, mountain & cabins gal in your life!