Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Poem in the Shape of a Girl

she reminds me of the sweetest, prettiest, most magical and delicate things. alice in wonderland with her big curious eyes, glass slippers, overgrown fairy gardens, ivy-covered houses, Victorian attic windows. the pale moon and light blue dresses. a girl with a wide-brimmed hat overlooking a field of sunflowers. she reminds me of a girl with the most beautiful day planner and a bag full of makeup and trinkets and napkins with half written poems. the girl musicians write songs about and other girls wish they could be. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Favorite Items of the Week

The nights are getting a little cooler and living in New England, I know shopping in August means picking out clothes you can wear on hot days but also layer when it gets cold. Also, home decor is always on my mind. These are some of favorites this week: 

I've always loved Anthropologie, although they are quite out of my price range. It's so hard not to swoon over their stuff like these gorgeous floral booties 

or this adorable cat mug 

Anthropologie has a whole catalog of beautiful items from shoes, to wall art, to garden party dresses to cat mugs! :)

I think this white maxi dress is stunning! Would it have been more perfect if I found it in say, May? Well yes. But...this is a dress you can still wear for those warm Indian summer days then layer up with a faux leather jacket come Fall. Tiki Girl has beautiful and affordable clothing, shoes and accessories.

I am in LOVE with this outfit. That maxi skirt is absolutely dreamy and I love how it's paired with a button down tee-shirt. Shop Urban Outfitters this look (the skirt also comes in black!)

I love this! So stylish and perfect for those Fall days. Styleoholic has the details. This makes me want to stock up on blazers and long necklaces!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Room by Room Series: Bathroom

My Room by Room series continues with the Bathroom. I have an obsession with mermaids and fairies. And oceans and beach cottages. There's a half bathroom that I decided to makeover with a mermaid/sea theme in mind. I have my friend Adrianna (who's working on making her business, Adrianna's Craft Corner, an instagram) making wall decor and other crafts to fit my mermaid theme. I'm over the moon! (I will update when said projects are done!! :) 

Here's some ideas I found that I really love for making over a bathroom: 

I'm loving all the wall art and the shelves for more space (and the baskets in the corner for extra storage) Apartment Therapy has this and many, many other great ideas for your apartment/home.

Lovely master bathroom and great ideas to utilize space! This is from Aqua Lane Design , A DIY/Design website by MarKay, a mother and wife, who has lots of projects and ideas.

I absolutely adore this soap holder, which conveniently holds your rings while you wash your hands! It's only $22.99 at Touch of Class

I love this idea for the bathroom! Shells and pearls add a coastal and vintage vibe. You can even re-create this with mason jars sand, shells, and pearls. This lovely set up was from Lauren Conrad

Emerson Grey Designs has wonderful ideas for half bathrooms. Shelving, shelving, shelving is key here. Candles, Monograms and baskets and towels add accents and practicality. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

strange little places

i like strange little places that my heart makes home. the diner we go to a half hour before they close has a lobby with dusty romance novels. there's a collection and i flip through them because i think names in romance novels are lovely. i often wonder how this collection started or who reads these books or if anyone else stands there in the lobby feeling at home; if anyone else's skin turns half red from the lights across the street.  as the cars drive by in the night time and the "open" side turns to "close", you leave - oddly wishing you could stay for a couple more hours. just reading and thinking in a closed diner lobby. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Room by Room Series: Darling Decor

         Moving can be a lot of things: exciting, overwhelming, happy, sad. One thing that is fun it to decorate and come up with ideas for different rooms. There's a lot of inspiration online and I like to take those ideas and twist them to my own liking. 

         I've wrote two other blog posts about home decor: Decoration Inspiration and Home Decor Ideas

I love this funky furniture! And I really love art illustrations. I would love to have more art. It really makes a room stand out.  DecorPad has plenty of Decor Ideas.  I absolutely love RongrongIllustration , an Etsy shop I found through Instagram. Fabulous prints for $10 and even some cute mugs I've been eyeing!

Details, Details, Details. I love these cute coasters. As I search through home decorating, I really how important the little details are. So many can be DIY or found at thrift shops or dollar stores. These coasters, along with other DIY projects can be found at DIY Projects Blog

I adore this. This use to be an old door that was refurbished and turned into shelves. I love the rustic blue and the idea of recycling something and turning into such a beautiful, practical thing. Also, another DIY project.  Lushome has all sorts of interior design ideas like this.

I AM in LOVE with this idea so much I want to do it now. Gimme Some Oven has the direct link to making the instagram wall along with printing out your pictures and finding those frames. I'm swooning! 

Pillows add a great accent to any room. I'm especially in love with the top pillow from see kate sew where you can put a love letter inside. I'm sentimental like that.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anniversary Party and Excursions in West Hartford, CT

          Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I continued our weekend excursions. We've both had to budget our money a little more, so our excursions have been day trips closer to home. They are places I've never been to and it's exciting exploring - even if it's in my little home state.

         Saturday began with my friends' Sarah and Doug's 5th Wedding Anniversary Annual Picnic Party. Years before, the picnic would go on until midnight, if not later, but now they have a little one (their precious baby girl Audrey). The picnic was a bit more sedated  this year but still a lot of fun. It was nice catching up with friends and meeting Audrey for the first time.  We ate a lot and chatted and took pictures.

           After, Freddie and I went back home, ran some errands then took off to West Hartford, CT. I've heard a lot of good things about West Hartford but never been there. Once we got there, I loved how clean t was and the downtown was manicured with beautiful flower beds. We were at Blue Back Square - where there are a ton of Mark Twain quotes because Mark Twain's house is close by.

Walking around was lovely. It was nice out and there were other people walking, relaxing, talking. It was abuzz with summer and it was a great evening to soak it all in. There was beautiful things to see and nice stores to browse.

        We decided to eat at Rizzuto's, "one of those lovely, Instagram-worthy restaurants that have perfectly watered flowers and strings of white lights outside creating an ambiance of style and calm. I was sitting in a nook looking outside" . After we strolled around and got some ice cream for dessert. I got my usual vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles, Freddie got some peanut butter and chocolate concoction.

I know it's August, so I don't take for granted that the nights are still bright (okay, the area being well lit helped) and the warm weather make it stroll-worthy. We walked around the center of Blue Back Square, perused Barnes and Noble for about an hour, then left. 

I felt happy and  satisfied I got to see my friends and get to have a great dinner and explore a new place with my boyfriend. It's the little things in life that really touch our hearts in the biggest way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


My soul is sensitive, I am sensitive. Now all the walls of my world are beige and grey, I feel sadness and anxiety but they are smothered. They are there in the depths of my head, but I can't reach them. It's like a nightmare you're drowning and you just can't get to the surface.

It's like I'm floating around in a pool with sunglasses, just breathing and thinking. Rendered exhausted and numb. If I was a painter I'd sit down with the color palette and draw you how I feel from the inside. I would be in the vein of Monet - impressionism, but blurrier and out of focus. All delicate pastels.

Does it make sense I wish I could start bawling my eyes out or feel the adrenaline from a panic attack? This is when I start thinking I'm mad. I'm madness, muted. Shaded in with the softest colors