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I started this blog on February 19th, 2012. I wrote " I wanted a blog to be about celebrating life - of traveling: finding those secret hidden spots flower gardens and sunset drenched private beaches, of holidays and decorating, fashion and art and design, of music and family and friends." 

At the time I was very inspired by "pretty" blogs and tumblrs. I wanted gorgeous pictures and in the beginning I was intent on writing about all the different towns and places I went to working for a real estate agency in Mississippi. It didn't quite happen. It turned into a springboard for my favorite things I saw on Pinterest. Eventually my former college professor told me I need to turn it into a writer's blog. I had been pouring my heart out into Facebook statuses. So that's what I did. At first I'd copy and paste my statuses into new posts. Eventually, I started writing exclusively for my blog. 

Over time, I've gotten personal. Maybe more personal than I should. But, I feel like it's important. I've wrote about toxic relationships, the deaths of my father, grandfather, and friend, my own depression and anxiety. It might make the people around me look at me differently. I hope it inspires someone who is going through hard times to keep persevering. Writing from a personal perspective and your life story can be daunting. You're putting a lot of information out there for public consumption. I can understand how this information may end up misconstrued. Reading my blog, I've wrote a lot about toxic relationships. I was in one for 2 and half years. I never named that person, because that's not fair. It's my perspective and it would be wrong to call that person out. I've had to unpublish a couple of posts and save them for myself. I've had to edit things out. The things I went through have made me stronger. The relationship I mentioned through the years is separate from the one I am in now, where I mention his name (Freddie). He makes me very happy. 

I've written a lot about the things that have happened to me growing up. I don't ever want it to come across as though I have animosity. That was my story, but working through it, writing it all out - has helped me. I am so thankful for my family. I have mentioned ex-boyfriends, and with the exception of one, I have come to civil terms with them and have forgiven them. The past is past and they are lessons I've learned. If there is someone reading my toxic relationship posts relating to it, maybe they too, can get out. There is life after a bad relationship or even a bad childhood. You can achieve happiness.

I love my family and my friends and my fiance. I have become personal about certain times and situations and if you were a part of it and we are on good terms, please know I meant no harm - just to tell my story, the pain and the triumph of moving on. I don't want anyone I know or love to miscontrue my words or think I hate anyone. My last personal post will be for a long while. I said a lot, maybe enough. For now, I'm going to write about traveling and my interests. I'm gonna leave bad breakups, my difficult teenage years, and crazy early 20's to older posts. It's the present and I have my head faced forward. 

Autumn: My Life in Pictures: Part 3

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This was taken at Fort Hale in New Haven, CT. I love how bright and veiny this leaf was and how pretty my ring looked next to it!!

 So many pretty shells :) This was at Lighthouse Point Beach. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Freddie's duaghter Liv had the nicest pumpkins (the snapchat ghost that says Boo). So Cute!! Mine on the other mermaid. Hmm. 

A stunning picture Freddie took of Quinnipiac River. He is so talented.

Rainy Day Reserves!!

My top porch after the rain!

Loving this book this Fall!

Ann Nyberg Book Signing in Essex, CT

           Ann Nyberg has always been my favorite newscaster here in CT. She seemed glamorous and approachable. I went to college for Communications with a focus on Journalism. I loved Journalism and my dream was to work at a fashion magazine. That didn't pan out, but right after collage I did get a chance to write an article for a local newspaper called the Pictorial Gazette. When I heard Ann had written a book, I was very interested. This was a book about her life and I wanted to get to know more about someone I considered an idol. 

          She's had a plethora of book signings all over the state, but one caught my interest. It was a book signing Sunday afternoon in Essex, CT. Essex is extremely lovely and has one of those downtowns where the shops are lit up with white lights and there's the New England charm that permeates the area. Freddie and I went to Cooper & Smith Gallery. It use to be a small grocery store and they converted into a spacious gallery with gorgeous paintings and amazing acoustics. There was a small, intimate group and Ann was sitting talking about her book. She also, in journalistic fashion, asked everyone where they were from and about our lives. It was interesting finding out tidbits about people's lives that I'd never otherwise would have know. Ann had a lot of interesting things to say, she talked about how important is to shop local and keep our local storekeepers in business. She also said how hard it is for local shops to stay in business with taxes and people shopping at big department stores. It really made me think and want to shop local all the time. She read a passage of her book and then afterword people got up and mingled. I bought a book and she signed it and we got to talking. I told her I was a fan. It was great meeting her and Freddie and I told her about the part of New Haven we live in - Fair Haven. We told her the great community there that cleans up after people throw mattresses and trash under the bridges or the beautiful revitalization of the area. 

This was me with Ann after I got my book signed.

Afterwords, Freddie and wandered around downtown Essex. I really fell in love with a cute store called The French Hen.

So many cute things! Even Essex, outside the shops had cute decorations:

I started reading a little of the book this morning and really like it so far. 

I was on my top porch and was admiring the beautiful yellow and black leaves that fell (I never saw leaves black before!!) the book and the soap that is made in Bridgeport, CT. I have a free postcard of the Cooper and Smith Gallery too. Not picture: a journal she gave me).

It was a great day meeting someone I always looked up too and enjoying the beautiful town of Essex, CT

Autumn: My Life in Pictures. Part 2

Autumn comes in many shades and tones. I tried to be outside as much as possible and I love our extended Fall here in New England. It has given me more time to fall in love with the foliage! You can follow my photo adventures here at _courtneyjuliet! All these were taken by me. You can see Fall through my eyes! :)

This was taken in Providence, RI. I absolutely love their strings of lights. Makes the city so magical. It was a cold day and Freddie and I warmed up in the super busy (but very good) Small Pointe Cafe.

This was taken November 1st of this year. Freddie and I were walking along Lighthouse Point in New Haven, CT, They were setting up the Fantasy of Lights that day. Very cool to watch the set up!  (Read more about the Fantasy of Lights here!)

Another photo from Lighthouse park, same day. Love Lighthouses!

This was a gorgeous doorway in downtown Guilford, CT. So quintessential New England Fall. Love how simplistic yet beautiful it is. 

This was on my Aunt and Uncle's road in Guilford, CT. I tried to capture the mood and the light of the day. It was so lovely!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday Track: Leave You Alone

Man, did 2012 suck. But I did like this song by Young Jeezy, produced by Warren G and featuring Ne-Yo,

For the Love of Flamingos

Okay, so it's November. Here in CT it's dreary and the days just all melt into one dark, "blah" day until the lights and anticipations of the Holidays come. But, still there's always room for a little pink, a little happiness in the form of Flamingos. Here's some of my favorite flamingo items to add a little pink to your life:

This cake is perfection! Check out\The Cake Blog to see how she made this amazing cake!

These are sooo cute I would have trouble with actually eating them!  Check out Style me Pretty for all the details to this Flamingo-themed birthday bash!

An A-Z Flamingo Card Round Up! I love all these.  Check out the details and where to buy at Oh So Beautiful Paper

What a cute and comfy pillow!! But it at Adairs

What a great and true saying! You can decorate your house with this pretty pink piece of empowerment at Farmhouse Chic Signs

This shirt is too cute!!  Sold at Skreened

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finding a Light

         This past Saturday I was able to finally attend Buti Yoga after a month absence. Between working on Saturdays or being out of town, I missed my Saturday morning yoga class. Jen teaches the class who was me neighbor-turned friend. (I wrote about her here). It was just her and I that morning. I spread out my new mat I got at TJ Maxx and felt ready. We talked a little before hand and I said how I felt upset with myself for not completing the novel I started writing back in 2012. I thought I would have finished it by now. Once the class began, my worries went away. There's a couple of moments of cool down afterwords, when you stretch out on the mat after the class. I looked up and noticed a skylight. I never noticed it before. The clouds were moving so very fast. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I told her about how my heart ached for the Paris attacks. We both talked about it and the violence there and throughout the world. As I stared at the clouds and saw how bright it was, it reminded me there was a light. There's always a light. There's love. To all this darkness we deal with, there are times when you have to find a light whether it's in an industrial art building lying on a lotus yoga mat or sitting on a dock in November watching the sunrise. Or doing random acts of kindness or holding a loved ones' hand. For some people it's going to church or their house of worship. For me -that day, it was good conversation and the fast moving clouds to remind me of light and love and to keep moving forward in times that feel so dark. 

(If you're in the Shoreline Ct area and want to get involved in Buti Yoga/ send me an email at