Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Tale of an April Wedding

         My boss Narineh and her husband Andy got married yesterday - April 23rd, 2016. It was raining in the morning but ended up being a beautiful Spring day for her ceremony. Her wedding took place at Waterview in Monroe. It's a gorgeous venue that overlooks a quiet lake. The days before her wedding, I saw her stressed: her dress didn't fit AND her computer crashed. But she bounced back with grace and positivity and her wedding was gorgeous. It's a great reminder: You can have rough days before the wedding but it seems like it'll all come together just right if you keep the faith.

{ Freddie and I just getting to the venue.}

{ Shameless selfie after getting dressed at work then scrambling to the wedding!}

All in all, it was a gorgeous wedding and I'm so happy for her and the love she found.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Floral Dresses

Floral Dresses are my favorite staple in Spring and Summer. They are versatile too: you can wear a casual one to the farmer's market or a dressier one for a wedding. Here are a few of my favorite options:

This stunning dress by Lurelly would be perfect for a midsummer party.

Stylish and chic and perfect for formal summer events. Asos always has gorgeous designs.

Comfy AND cute from StitchFix 

 Learn about this stunning dress at sparkly & sassy

Such a romantic dress! From the Etsy shop Nellie Uzun

Office Space Inspiration

One of my favorite places to be is my home office (save for the wifi that doesn't work!). I love getting ideas how to keep it fresh and new to keep it always inspiring and uplifting. Here are some of my favorite office places and spaces:

I LOVE the details. The Polaroids, the scrabble letters, the bows, the paintbrushes and the typewriter. It all lends itself to a vintage, cozy area to write and paint.
Check out Kellie Mookjai for more office details!

Pop of colors! Fresh colors keep an office lively! The fresh blooms, yellows and pink really freshen up a work space. 

Organization is key! Pretty AND affordable ways to organize your office . Check out Brit + Co for these ideas!

Inspiration everywhere! From the quotes, pictures and stylish fashions this office space doles out creativity. Flying House has all the details.

I love this because it shows you can have an office space in a smaller place. I love the bright colorful patterns it really makes the work area pop! Advice from a 20 Something details this office look.

Mean Girls, Nice Girls and Rising Above (Part 2)

        I wrote about mean girls and nice girls and kindness before. As a woman, you will deal with other women who will dislike you for no reason. Some women (and men - this post is about women though) seem to look hard to find reasons to complain about you. Everyone has their naysayers and haters. As I've been working and focusing on my family life, I noticed the static from drama clearing. There's always going to be someone or something that will try to steal pieces of your happiness because they themselves have absolutely nothing better to do.

I wrote Live Authentic Not Creepy about a girl I never met, who knows a couple acquantices of mine who loved to gripe that I stole the hastag "liveauthentic"and how I wore flower crowns and took pictures of sunny places because that's not "real". I love focusing on the good, on the joys, on the delights on my life. I love flowers and sunlight and no one will ever stop me from focusing my art on happy things. If you have social media, you share what you want to. I chose to share the good moments, the things that make me happy. I believe in sharing joy and cheer. There are people, such as herself that feel because they like shitty metal bands and hate happy girls with flower crowns, they are so unique and edgy. What they feel to realize they are just another cliche bitching about cliches. You know those girls and where they will end up. And that's their karma. I wrote said girl a message then realized: I don't need to speak with her. I blocked her and kept moving on.

We don't need to held captive by strangers or negative people's thoughts. There's other girls that exist, they aren't all like the Gothy ImSoMetal girl. There are girls that post passive aggressive memes not knowing anyone can see through their bullshit. You are negative, darling. That's why you are unhappy.It's you. Not her or him or me. Work on yourself, your life and don't worry about mine or anyone else's. Concentrate on bettering yourself.

The common theme is negative people love tearing others down because that's how awful they feel. Positive, happy people don't do this. So I chose the positive. I love my boss because of how inspirational she is every day. I think of my bridesmaids: Kate, who texts with me everyday about bridal shower venues to vacations, I think of Nicole and Danielle who always send me taylor-made things I'd love for my wedding, and Sarah who's friendship I just adore.

I consider myself a girl's girl and it makes me sad when others don't like me for absolutely no reason, especially if I was nice to them. But this is the world. There are mean people, mean girls. I chose kindness, and also sticking up for myself :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

{pretty things}

With the fresh pink and white blossoms, the warm wind and tulips sprouting, I find myself in a season of personal change. "Spring cleaning" comes to mind, when you want to rid yourself of winter's baggage and start anew. I love ideas for home decor, fashion, style and art. Pinterest is one my favorite places to hone in for new ideas. Here's some of my favorite pretty things:

Journaling with words and images.

Simple yet chic home decor - fresh blooms (hydrangeas!) and books. Check out i suwannee for more details on the decor of her Raleigh sunroom!  

Romantic peach babydoll lingerie from Love Myself Collection 

Lovely Beatrix Potter Baby Shower Cake! From Steel Penny Cakes

More flowers and books. 

So right now, I like flowers and books and romantic clothes - lots of lace and tulle. What are you loving right now?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

{sipping tea & smelling the roses}

      I had this Monday and Tuesday off and it was so nice to be able to breathe the fresh air, enjoy the warm weather April has ushered in and work on my writing.

      On Monday, I ran a few errands and then sat down in the corner table at Common Grounds, a Branford, CT coffee shop. I had my laptop and I wrote and wrote. The door was open and the sunshine was pouring in. It felt so warm and inspiring. I got a lot done before I closed my laptop and went walking outside. The blossoms on the trees are blooming fresh white and pink. It was breath-taking. I love this time of year. After, I went to the gym. Later that evening, Freddie and I walked along East Shore Park in New Haven. It was around sunset and the ocean and sky looked so silver and blue.

         Tuesday, Freddie and I took walks around New Haven. The first was around one of my favorite streets- Orange Street. Then we went to Lighthouse Point where it was extremely windy.

       It was so refreshing to be surrounded by nature. Working in an office I often feel like the inside looking out and Monday and Tuesday I was finally outside.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

{a writer's frustration}

I have been writing my novel for what feels like forever. In actuality, it's been 4 years. Four years that I lived and loved and lost and wrote pieces of it as my life took twists and turns. There were times I stopped writing. Sadness can deplete you of your energy and focus. There were times I was too busy living to sit down and write. Then other times, I told myself to write a little every day. I have not been consistent with my writing and I end up looking at my screen, the words becoming fuzzy and a gutted reminder of my lethargy. 

I started writing it in 2012, about my life and the people in it. As I moved out of my 20's and began a calmer life I sat reading a story full of aching reminders of the past and people who aren't in my life anymore (for the better). Do I really want to memorialize these people, these things in a book (that mostly will never see the light of day)? No. So,  I scrapped a lot of it and rebuilt it. I rebuilt the characters where I had more control- it was harder but way more fun to write. I didn't want to just strictly write a book about people I know, I wanted creative license. I didn't want to feel like a typecast-ed actor. I have to stretch my writing muscles and create characters and flesh them out to feel like real people not just characters. I kept the location (shoreline, Connecticut) and the premise - a young woman's turbulent relationship makes her take inventory on her present life, her past and ultimately in herself and what she needs to change to survive - the same.

I have ADD so in a 4 year span, I've come up with 50 other ideas for novels I've played out in my head. I have wrote chapters dedicated to each story I come up with but I know I need to focus on my main project, the one I poured my heart into, then fell out of love with it and now building back that precious love for the story. I believe in the story. I just need to keep writing.