Sunday, October 16, 2016

{days like this}

There are days every now and then that stop me mid stride. Like today. Today is a rainy October Sunday. My heart aches and I'm not quite sure why. I feel sad. My sadness lies to me, it tells me to retreat into the darkness and live inside the sadness. I refuse too. Maybe it's the weather. I always found Autumn to be sad- how beautiful everything is then it dies. But I remember there's a season for everything. Not every day I can feel happy. I decided to explore the avenues and boulevards with their rain soaked foliage and newly picked pumpkins. I need a little light to whisper strength back into it me.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

{my heart in my hands}

Here I am, Here I've been standing with my heart in my hands. It's been beating like crazy. You don't want it and that's okay. In life sometimes we are the ones with the heavy hearts, sometimes we are the ones saying we can't accept it. They say people come in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I say some people are chapters, or a page, maybe a footnote or they become your whole book. But you, you got lost in translation.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mad Men Inspired Hair

I haven't delved into a series in a long time, but when I finally did I picked one that already ended: Mad Men. It was one of those shows I always told myself I had to watch, I just never did. Finally I did it: I watched every episode from start to finish. I fell into the world of the complex characters and found myself reigniting my love for vintage fashion. Betty Draper is a complex character, one I liked to watch because I couldn't stand her at times, sometimes she amused me, but I always was curious to what should be wearing.

I had a photoshoot for this Wednesday but it got rained out.  Jerica Giselle, who's very sweet and knowledgable, from Luscious Locks and  did an amazing job doing a vintage inspired hair style that mirrored Betty but still had a modern sensibility.

Now Betty and her style:


Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Gift of Anne of Green Gables

Recently, I bought a Penguins classic edition of Anne of Green Gables. I remember as a young girl, my Aunt Megan told me I will love it and to read it. At first I didn't, I hadn't fallen in love with books and all the stories and adventures and characters that open each time you flip a page. When I finally read it, I fell in love.
I had this pretty book and took pictures with it.I had a pretty book sitting on my bookshelf staring back at me. It was a reminder that I am collecting pretty things without use or meaning and how empty that made me feel. I found a bag and a card and wrapped the book up and today I left the book in all its shimmery beauty in a small bag with a note to my Aunt Megan.
Some people believe in signs and messages, some don't. I do. I felt compelled to remind her she was the one who sparked my interested in books and it only felt right to give my favorite book to her. As my memories of my father fade, I hold on to pictures and the small ballerina statuettes he gave me. Today I wrote her to tell her that when I cried missing him, it felt like she was the only other person who understood my heartache, all the waves and storms inside my beating heart. It felt she was standing by the shore with me.
She texted me recently saying she believes this is my dad's way of saying we should spend more time together. I believe that, And to read these pretty books I collect or give them to someone you love.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

{intergrating graphic tees into your wardrobe}

I always loved a good graphic tee but also put them aside for the lounging out on the weekends or work out gear. Here's some ideas to take your favorite tees and wear them out to a date, work or girl's night out.

I'm loving this "Bonjour" sweater paired with a Navy High Waist Pleated Skirt from Abaday
with a fun pop of yellow in the form of heels!

Loving this retro look! I adore Stevie Nicks paired up with this high waist scallop skirt. Retro vibes from Reformation.

 How dreamy is this? The perfect outfit to wander about in! Live Give Love

 For a darker rock n' roll look, I love this Urban Outfitters Johnny Cash t-shirt paired with a grey skirt. Perfect for seeing a show or a night out with friends.

Perfect for September weather! This "Hello" olive top paired with jeans and booties makes a great outfit a warm Autumn night. Society 19 has more ideas on where to shop for items such as this!

Friday, September 2, 2016

{amongst the sunflowers}

Life gets hectic between work and running errands. This summer I've been trying to explore as much as possible. At Larry Auger Farm in North Branford, CT there are stunning rows and rows and rows of sunflowers. One night after getting dinner with my mom and brother, we stopped over. I was amazed by the beauty God has given us.

 I took this. The lighting was perfect. I fell in love with how imperfectly perfect the flowers were.

Days later, I did a photoshoot with Mark Johnson from Photography Select. I wore this light maxi dress that made me feel like a princess from LuLu's.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

{free little libraries}

I was in Milford and wanted to explore a bit. Thanks to my sweet friend Sarah who gave me a link to all the Little Free Libraries I saw there was one nearby. On a little corner by the beach with coastal houses with sunflowers growing I found this one. I walked around for a few and felt at peace. We all need those moments.

Here's a map!