Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lovely Hair Ideas

Want to style your hair differently? Want a fresh cut and color? Here are some of my favorite hair trends right now:

The color is romantic and dreamy, but if it's too much for you the side braid and loose waves are a perfect hairstyle. 
{via: Michelle Phan}

Love the vibrant red, the side bang and the overall style of this.

I absolutely adore this elegant braided updo.
{via: White & Knight }

I love the loose curls on Doutzen Kroes and her blonde and caramel tones. I think this cut and color would look great on almost anyone!

Traditional french braid on top, fishtail on the bottom. Messy, yet perfect
{via: Beauty High }

What are your personal favorite hair styles when you want to do something different? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Casual Wedding Guest Ideas

My cousin Kate is to be married Saturday and as I scroll through Pinterest, I see some amazing ideas. Her wedding will be casual and I already have a hairstyle in mind but couldn't help but love these ideas:  

I absolutely adore Candice's layers and soft, romantic curls here!

Perfect for a super casual beach wedding. I'd change the shoes and bag but the dress is feminine and casual and perfect for the beach.


Going to a wedding a bit more formal but want to opt out of heels? These sparking flats add a touch of shimmer!

Dare to be different in a sea of dresses. Pair a neon top with a colorful maxi, add bold accessories and voila : beautiful, casual attire for a wedding guest.
{via: chicwish}

I'm in love with these jeweled thong sandals!
{via: weheartit

I adore this braided ponytail. A little structured and a whole lot of fun!

Not as casual as the others, but still very pretty and not your basic black. 
{via: Coast Stores}

What would you recommend to a guest at a casual wedding?

25 Things About Me

Inspired by Amy at Love and Hot Chocolate here are 25 (instead of 24) things about me!

1.) I lived in Mississippi for 2 years even though I was born and raised in Connecticut.
2.) My middle name is Grace which is a family name. Paul is also a family name for men.
3.) I wish I could sew!
4) I'd love to take floral design classes.
5) I've gone back and forth mentally on whether or not I want to move to New Orleans.
6) I worked at Sanrio and had to dress up as Hello Kitty. At 5'6 I was too tall, and people could only wear the costume for 15 minutes at a time because with the outfit and the head it became too hot and you could pass out!
7) I'd love to live in the Florida Keys! 
8) Summer is my favorite season
9) I'm addicted to lipgloss
10) I need coffee to get myself awake in the morning.
11) I have an inordinate amount of fairy statuettes and scarves
12) I HATE cigarettes, only smoked twice as a teen and hated it. I hate everything about it.
13) My feet are always cold.
14) The last concert I went to was last friday and saw Reo Speedwagon & Chicago
15.) I absolutely love seven layer bars
16.) I was born in New Haven, CT
17.) I once got hypothermia when I was 19 when I "fell" in a lake in May!
18) I have met the following famous people (you decide how famous they are): Chris Cornell, The New York Islanders, Tom Bergeron, Rev Al Sharpton, Jae Millz
19) I have a whole lot of sad love power ballads on my phone
20.) I want to travel to every state!
21) I love jewelry but often lose it far too often
22) I adore pinterest
23)  I have two younger brothers
24) I went to college twice: One for Communcations, the other for Paralegal
25) After my first time in college I wrote for a local newspaper!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Whimsical and Beautiful Yards

Saturday I went to Milford, Connecticut's Oyster Fest.  Downtown Milford was a buzz with booths selling beautiful jewelry, art and of course seafood galore. Walking toward the Festival I fell in love with the creative, bohemian yards of the houses that lined the avenues to downtown. 

Burlap tepees, painted fences and flowers tied to fences with burlap make a charming and inviting feel to this front yard.

Beautiful decorations abound: intricate lighting, painted boxes, flowers galore, beautiful antiques.

A pale yellow bench is home to potted flowers. A rustic wagon creates whimsy. A better look at the painted lavender and pale yellow fencing with draping red potted flowers.

Fun and gorgeous. A wheelbarrow proves to be a perfect shelf for vases and potted plants. 

What are your favorite tricks and designs to keep your yard looking beautiful?

Depression and how it affects friendships and your life.

I have to say this year has been kind and gentle to me, but these past 3 weeks have proven quite daunting. But that's a part of life. There are good days, and bad days, same thing with months and years. The best you can do is keep going, even when it seems that it's not even getting better. For me I noticed I wasn't even myself when I skipped a party of close friends to instead be hidden under shades at the beach. I barely talked at the beach and found myself lying down into the blanket, holding back tears on a beautiful day.Depression lies, it tells you that your family and friends are better off without you and your sadness. Anxiety lies, it tells you everything is an emergency and steals your confidence. The people who I regard as amazing humans, who make me laugh and smile, and are genuine people I missed their party because I was so depressed. I didn't want to show them how much of a mess I was while seeing how together they all are. That to me woke me up to how much my depression was changing me. I couldn't believe I did that, it wasn't all that long ago I had a close friend text me she was on her way to my birthday party, but never come. I waited for her all night. It crushed me. These days I've been quieter and quieter and trying to work on myself. I haven't stopped caring about my friends but I just need to work on my happiness. It's a work in progress. I'm glad I can see the things I did wrong and try to correct them and become the best I can be. This isn't for sympathy, this is just an update on my life and if it can relate to anyone or maybe explain how someone in your life is being, great. We all have good and bad days. I'm trying not to let depression steal anymore of my sunshine.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Maintaining a Happy Life

            I have been pretty down lately. I have always had depression and anxiety and my slumps in the past have been pretty dark. My depression will have me crying or on the verge of tears and my anxiety will take any confidence I have and strips it away from me. So many nights I've tossed and turned, crying or not crying, being anxious of the world outside my window. Whether it was thinking about how everyone hates me, rumors, financial problems - once the wheels in my head start turning it almost seems impossible to even slow them down, let alone stop them. Medication has really saved me, so has growing up. I've gotten to the point where I have gotten so tired of feeling a certain way I've learned to adapt in my own way. I haven't been in a really cloud, dark place in years but there are so many things I need to work on and I wanted to share them because maybe, just maybe there are things you can relate to also. Maybe there are things that were problems that you conquered. These are things, I feel in my life, I need to maintain a happy life. 

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

To me living a life of happiness means you have your shit together - you have balance. A simple life to me isn't worrying about holding on to toxic, drama-inducing friendships or relationships just to have connections in your life. A simple life to me doesn't mean going out every night or even every weekend. It means being at peace with yourself and a book, or a field of wildflowers. It means letting go of the drama for quiet. I try and always speak well of people, and if I can't I try and not to say anything. It's hard when someone has done you wrong, but having all that anger, negativity, drama around you only clouds and clutters your life with unnecessary and bad energy. Get Rid of the Clutter. Drama, Toxic Relationships. Also actual physical clutter! I've read so many things that say having a clean room relaxes your mind. I know when my car or bedroom gets messy I feel uneasy. Taking the time to de-clutter, throw away the things I don't need and keep it simple are so worth it!

There is life outside your Phone/Social Media

This is harder than I even thought. I can't tell you how many times friends have jokingly (?) told me to get off my phone. Whether it was texting other people to see what they were doing after the party, or checking my facebook, or going places with the express purpose of taking pictures to put on Instagram - I realized I need to put my phone down. I need to live my life. I didn't get a cellphone until I was in college and now I am jokingly called the Social Media Butterfly. But no! That's not what I want. I have found myself checking facebook to pass the time, and in years past I have overshared - only to find out, less is more. Especially when it comes to social media. I don't know if I'll ever deactivate all of them but having a healthy balance is so important. Not everything needs to be for public consumption. I'm trying to focus on my writing and photography and using my blog and instagram and less of things like facebook where you can get sucked into other people's lives. 

Save Money/Anything Worth Having is Worth Working Hard For

So many nights I've lied awake wondering how I was going to get bills paid or rent on time. Financial stress is like no other to me, and if you're like me, no one else can relieve that stress but you. I am not good at saving, but putting money aside is so important! I have vowed to start doing that. 

Also, wanting and maintaining my own place requires more money than I have and I have been dragging my feet on getting a second job. I've had second jobs throughout my life and it never hurt me. If anything with the right job(s) it can actually build value to your life. The experience, the people you meet, the skills you learn are all invaluable and also the money you make you earned on your own.

Prioritizing bills is also something I need to work on. I much rather buy a cute dress, get a spray tan, maybe a 12 pack of Summer Shandy's, some new makeup over my car insurance. But really, things like car insurance, rent, other bills do come first, then all the other "extra" fluff stuff, second. It's hard when you want to look good and feel like you just HAVE to get that 15 dollar bronzer instead of spending it on gas, but prioritizing my money the right way has made me happy (even if my roots are pretty bad until I get the money to get them touched up!) 

Love & Friendship should not make you suffer, it should uplift you

I've seen the love is suffering adage way too many times, and I find it incredibly jarring. Being in relationships where when it's good it can be great but when it's bad you're both hurting, damaging, abusing each other with words or your hands - then it is not love, it is chaos. It is chaos that is not enhancing your life, it's throwing your life off kilter. When you're inside the tornado it's hard to see - but look at a relationship that's parallel to yours and you will honestly think both people are insane and holding themselves back from a healthy, happy relationship with themselves and other people.

Also, I've seen and been in situations where you hold on to friendships where you don't entirely trust the person. I've walked away and felt like I was being talked away or at least could be, but brushed it aside for whatever stupid reason - they are fun, cool, etc. That's not real friendship. Friendship and love is loyalty and honesty too. If you can't trust your friends, then they aren't your friends. 

These are just some things I need to work on to maintaining a happy life, and I know I'm forgetting some others, but these are the main ones I'm focusing on. What is your advise to living a positive life?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 Happy Things

I'm feeling pretty down, so instead of worrying and stressing I'm going to think about happy things and share 10 things that make me smile - 

1. Beach

2. Rooftop Bars
{via: PureWow }

3. Champagne with my girlfriends

4. Laughing

5. Music

6. Summer Dresses
{via: Refinery29}

7. Relaxing on Patios
{via: Babble}

8. Secret Gardens

9. Lipgloss
{via: Soap}

10. Cat Eye Makeup

What are your happy things?