Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autumn: My Life in Pictures

I think Autumn is quite aesthetically pleasing, particularly in September and October. I do get depressed around this time of year - realizing how quick the passage of time is. When all the leaves fall, and it's stark and cold out, I feel depleted. But I'm trying to push through this and find the beauty and joy of the season by staying active and being outside as much as possible before it gets too cold.

I went to Rose Orchards in North Branford, CT. It was so fun picking out pumpkins and also so cute seeing moms take picture of their children with pumpkins. I love the colors of autumn: those deep reds, the varying shades of green, the bright oranges and the most fantastic yellows.

East Rock in New Haven is a great stop to hike and take in the beauty of the season. I love seeing the whole city of New Haven right below me and the pretty leaves and trees along the way.

I'm learning to enjoy autumn: enjoy each leaf for it's own unique vein-y beauty, each cup of coffee that tastes even better on a cold morning and each golden afternoon. 

(For more pictures, check out my instagram! I'm _courtneyjuliet. )

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