Monday, July 21, 2014

Slow Down Summer

{Me in a tree!  © Copyright Mark L. Johnson -photographyselect

Slow down Summer, there's still so many excursions to private beaches and gardens I have yet to go, I still have maxi dresses and flower crowns to wear, boats to ride under the flamingo pink and bruised tangerine sunsets in the sound, there's still rooftop bars in the electric city I need to go to, there's vineyards I haven't been to drink wine and laugh under the sunlight, fields of overgrown sunflowers and butterflies I haven't ran though, pool parties on lakes I haven't gone too enough. I still want to see the lights and the beaches of Block Island and escape to Cape Cod. There's only so many sunsets, perfect shade, azaleas that you have, so I'll ask you kindly to just go slow so I can try and experience as much as I can.

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