Thursday, April 7, 2016

{mansfield grove}

Over a week ago, on my last day off I went driving around to my favorite local places. Growing up in Mansfield Grove was a sun-laden magic only summers of youth know. I loved swimming and finding the sandbar, I felt like a mermaid or maybe a water pixie in those bright 90's colored bathing suits that discovered a temporary haven in the sea. I loved spending time with my brothers, my dad, my cousins, my extended family. Things change, of course, as you get older. Standing on the beach alone over a week ago on a gloomy day, I thought to myself. I thought being by the sea, by the little part you called home was still magic as you got older, but a different kind all in itself. One that glosses over past sunburns or tears and makes you want to write love letters to the place you spent so summers under the sun.

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