Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hair Chronicles

I've been wearing my hair light blonde for a long time now. Blonde is, after all, my natural hair color. I started dying my hair when I was 14. My naturally platinum blonde locks were getting darker and darker and I was left with a "mousy blonde. Since then, I was on a mission to make it lighter. There's been times I let it go natural, like in college:

but once I was 22 I started going for the platinum blonde look. It killed my hair and wore it short as you can see here:

4 years later I got hair extensions which were insanely expensive but it made me feel beautiful. I finally had LONG hair. But extensions were so very pricey and also a pain. It feels so nice to be dating someone and have them run their hands in your hair, with extensions it was a "don't touch".

Over time, I took the extensions out, curled it, went brunette, went back to blonde, went back to extensions. 


Eventually, this year - I took the extensions out. I fell in love with the wavy lob ombre look. So my friend Danielle who's a hairstylist did just that for me. I wanted some red in it. Then I decided let me go red.

So I went red! Thank you Danielle, you can check out her page at Image Consultant Danielle Dudack. Hair is fun to play around with. 
Have you played it safe or tried every color in the rainbow?


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