Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Style & Inspire: My own Profile

I've been working on my inspiration boards and reading (and cutting up) magazines. I always love when they spotlight the cover girl about her everyday look, her favorite music, her inspirations from fashion muses to music to what celebrity style is their favorite. It's easy to post expensive clothes from too-expensive boutiques and lust after them. But this is my everyday style, but more so - about what inspires that style, my art, my writing, and me. 


I absolutely love cardigans, especially black or grey. My office at work is perpetually cold so I like it for practical use, but I also love to slink one on during those still-warm Fall days and pair up with shorts. They can really add a polished look to an outfit and keep you warm! 

In the summer, I prefer summer dresses and/or skirts.

If I do wear shorts, they have got to be made from comfortable material - no denim for me. I like basic colors to so I can wear a plethora of different tops. 

I love playful stuff that stands out. I love hair accessories from scarves to flower crowns and I love multi-chain necklaces and also statement pieces. I also adore scarves and lots of bracelets!!

Heart Shaped Sunglasses and Statement Necklaces


I love Taylor Swift's music and sense of style. 

Margot Robbie especially in Wolf of Wall Street

90s supermodels! 


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