Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Settling In

I've wrote in earlier posts about moving ({Self Reflections}  and posts about decorating but I haven't followed up with how we have settled into this beautiful house and made it a home. It's fun to see an empty room and envision it with whatever style you love: wall art, mason jars with lace, beautiful bedspreads and antique lamps. We moved September 1st and Freddie has done an amazing job making the house even more beautiful. He first pulled up all the carpeting upstairs which revealed gorgeous hardwood floors. It's a very old house and I absolute love the detailing - from the french doors to the tiles on the bathroom floor. 

I wanted to show some of the work we have already done and our future plans. It's exciting to have a piece of clay and mold it to your liking. The backyard was one of our favorite things. I love the ivy-covered swing set and the red barn. I can only imagine how beautiful it will look with all the colors of Autumn surrounding it.

Upstairs is a little room that has doors to the outside of the second deck. I was lucky enough to be able to use that space as an office - where I can write and read and be inspired. Right now, I haven't hung up any wall art including my inspiration board or the flamingo art because we have yet to paint. 

I also got this wall art from TJ Maxx. The paint is Apricot Ice from Glidden. I can't wait to share the "after pictures"

One of my favorite before and afters is Freddie's daughter room. We first got it, the room was for a 4 year old with clouds and frogs painted on the walls. Freddie painted it white and with Liv put together a beautiful room with a white/black/gold theme. I love the gold lips and Audrey wall art!

It's a beautiful thing being settled in, and we are still putting the final touches. I love the fact this house I was so nervous about moving into has become a home with my love and his friend and daughter. 
Also, I love in this new home he proposed to me last Thursday morning :)

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