Monday, September 21, 2015

After the Proposal

       I left off my blog post Settling In with the news that I'm engaged. It's very exciting. It's a whirlwind. For years I've pinned to my pinterest board and even before that I had visions of what my wedding day would like. To be honest, after having a turbulent relationship for 2 years I felt that my wedding dreams were just that: dreams. I didn't think I'd ever fall in love to the point I'd want to share my life with someone. But I have found that, and it's blissful. I know weddings are by far more than tulle, lace, mason jars, white lights and goddess bohemian fairy dreamy dresses. I know they are more than that, they are about the vows and coming together as one for the rest of your life. But all the pretty stuff is just soo fun! :) 

After telling family and friends, I decided who I wanted to be in my wedding party. My friend Kate would be the Maid of Honor and my friends Sarah, Nikki and Danielle would be the bridesmaids. I quickly went to Michael's craft stores (and then Marshall's) to make a Maid of Honor box for Kate and pick up some wedding magazines and a wedding book.

Everything was from Michael's except the mug (Marshalls). I included a small mason jar, two pairs of socks and a note "Two pairs of socks, one for you and one for me if I get cold feet!", a pink bedazzled compact mirror and a picture frame. I went to Marshall's and picked up the mug. I presented her the box (she had already said yes) when we went out to dinner. She surprised me by bringing Nikki and they both got me a wedding magazine and a great wedding planner. 

After that, Freddie and I decided on a theme - Autumn Bohemian and possibly doing a Halloween costume party for the reception. This Saturday, my mom and I went dress shopping. 

She heard there was a sale at David's Bridal so we went there. They have a stylist working with you and the ask you what style you like. I had three dresses picked out for me:

I loved, loved, loved the third dress. The detailing was exquisite, the beaded cap sleeves were so lovely and detailed. Just writing about it, I want it. But my mom and everyone else brought me down to earth: I still have time, there's still many, many other places. I love it but I'm going to enjoy the process of dress shopping with my mom and friends and Freddie (if he wants, but I'd love for him to come!) and if my heart tells me the third dress is it, well then it is!

More shots of the third dress:

( The bra ruins it, ha! )

It's been fun so far and Kate and I have a pinterest board for ideas for the wedding. Right now, I'm remembering to soak in each day. I feel really happy in my relationship. A year goes by fast and I want to enjoy the planning too. It's a lot to do and I just want it to be fun! 


  1. Congratulations!! What a fun, beautiful time in your life. Enjoy the journey. It all happens so quickly. Cheers to you both!

    1. Thank you so much!! It certainly is fun and beautiful <3