Monday, August 10, 2015

August Sunday: Lighthouse Point and Stony Creek


        Two Sundays ago, I thought of going to Lighthouse Point in New Haven. I haven't been there in years and I remember how magical and beautiful the carousel is there. So many summer days were spent on that carousel as a child, or during Christmas time with all the lights and music and the magic of the holidays in the air. I suggested going to my boyfriend because he likes to walk his dog and I come along too, usually stopping countless times to take pictures of hydrangeas, sea-green flower boxes, delicate flower vines wrapped around fences, or the golden light off the water and the colonial New England houses in the distance.

         Walking along, I realized how I abandoned going here in my adulthood and was not sure why. The lighthouse was beautiful and I took a ton of pictures. I did, however, feel sad over how much trash was amassed on the ground. I wish more people took pride in their community and our Earth. It's such a beautiful place and for french fry boxes and bottles to be lying around when there was an ample recycling bothered me. We kept walking along and we saw my beloved Carousel. It was closed for construction but I peaked in the window and got a picture. All this time, it didn't lose one ounce of beauty or magic. It was still something dreams and fairy tales are made of. I imagine heaven being vintage carousels with white lights and jewelry box music and secret gardens full of peonies and hydrangeas and roses. There would be a delicate fog as you laugh and dance barefoot in the most beautiful dress with your hair in one of those complicated messy braids I can never do.

          Afterwords, we went home and relaxed. I was still restless as the day and night wore on. It was so beautiful and something about August tugs at my heart and sleeve and tells me - get out, enjoy it now. So, my boyfriend, his dog and I headed out to one of our favorite spots: Stony Creek in Branford, CT. I absolutely love it there. All the tall sunflowers, the private docks, the gorgeous boats, the lavender house, the water and the artsy and peaceful ambiance it has. It's beauty is truly beyond words. I remember going to the library there, rummaging through the books for hours. I remember swimming in the water with my friends. I remember, as I got older, seeing bands at the Puppet House and going on the Thimble Island Cruise.

                           It was a lovely day of unexpected walks in beautiful areas close to us. Sometimes you don't have to go far to be enchanted.

All photos by me, Courtney Barrett. See more at my IG _courtneyjuliet !

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