Monday, August 3, 2015

A Love Letter to You, Now.

I use to find it sad that people didn't know my heart but now I realize only few are meant to know the nights you listen to the commodores in your car and just think. The way you love sunflowers and carousels and flamingo lawn decorations. How you cling to summer with heart shaped glasses and books about love at beach houses. The times you cried and thought you wouldn't make it. The childhood years running through rows of apples trees because home was too scary, too loud, to hurtful. When you meet those people or maybe just one person you realize all those secrets are part of you, each a love letter to the person you are now.


  1. This is a beautiful post, and the pictures add to its beauty. Emotional posts are my favorite because they are the best to read!

  2. thank you so much. I, too, like emotional posts. I love fashion and it'll always be a passion of mine, but the most traffic comes from my fashion posts. I hope anyone who comes for the fashion stays awhile.