Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Morning Meditations: Mindfulness

{I've taken a vacation away from my blog. I was working two jobs then settled into my new one but have felt exhausted each work day and to escape to beautiful places on the weekends and live life, not just write about it. Hopefully this blog entry marks the end of my exile and the start of a series called Morning Meditations based on a book I bought)

This past Sunday I went on a solo excursion to the beautiful town green of Guilford, CT.I went and wandered the bookstore, Breakwater Books, a lovely independent bookstore that's been open since 1972. After I grabbed The Great Gatsby I found  Morning Meditations: Daily Reflections to Awaken Your Power to Change. After purchasing them I headed to the green on this beautiful Autumn day and leafed through the books. 

So relaxing and peaceful. The first chapter of Morning Meditations dealt with: Mindfulness and asked 2 Questions:
1)How do you plan to use the book to change your daily experience of life?
I want it to not just sit on my shelf, collecting dust. I want it to be a guide for life that I can look through and make me think about positivity and positive steps in life. I want to serve as a paperback anchor. to keep me grounded and also make me realize wisdom is boundless. 

2)Are you willing to make a commitment to the pages of this book to examine your life and be open to changing it for the better? 
Absolutely. Committing to an open heart, to positive change, to a better life, to peace. Yes, all of the above.

On the topic of Mindfulness: What are some things you feel you should be more mindful of in your life?

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