Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stony Creek & Thimble Island Cruise

This past Saturday I was invited on the Sea Mist, the Thimble Island Cruise again for my friend's birthday. I absolutely love being down at Stony Creek and the cruise was beautiful. Seeing all the gorgeous homes and and the sunset as we sailed around was a dream.

Thimbleberry is right by the Stony Creek docks and serves up fresh ice cream and coffee! 

This is me before we set a sail!

Thimble Island (I did use filtering on this photo)

No filtering used when I snapped these pictures of the gorgeous docks at Stony Creek. The grey clouds gave an ominious tone but we lucked out with no rain!

On the cruise - beautiful visions

Me, I look photoshopped into this picture, but I'm not. I wish I smiled!!

Learn more about the  Thimble Island Cruise & The Thimbleberry

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