Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Autumn-izing your Summer Clothes

As the nights and days get a bit chillier, it's time to readjust our wardrobe a little bit to accommodate the autumn that is creeping in ever so slightly.

I love this fitted maxi dress, the darker colors are perfect for Autumn. Throw on a fitted cardigan and it would be perfect for a brisk Fall day.
{via; FreePeople }

I absolutely adore this! The white skinny jeans, the grey charcoal tee and the striped cardigan are a perfect outfit for a cool Summer night/day but still fresh and bright!

I'd pick a long sleeved shirt that wasn't so sheer, but keep the scallopped skirt, prada bag and those killer heels for a casual with a dressy edge look for a lunch or dinner.
{ via:fashforfashion }

If it's get too warm, you can leave the fedora and vegan leather jacket at home and keep the basic but always stylish distressed jeans and grey top on. 

Black top, black skinnies, black heels, with a cute black and white plaid top and sunglasses = perfect. Of course if it gets hot, you can ditch the plaid or alternate the black top with a brighter, summery color.
{via: Nordstrom}

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! I love fall...tall boots, oversize sweaters, hot apple cider...love!