Wednesday, August 20, 2014

25 Things About Me

Inspired by Amy at Love and Hot Chocolate here are 25 (instead of 24) things about me!

1.) I lived in Mississippi for 2 years even though I was born and raised in Connecticut.
2.) My middle name is Grace which is a family name. Paul is also a family name for men.
3.) I wish I could sew!
4) I'd love to take floral design classes.
5) I've gone back and forth mentally on whether or not I want to move to New Orleans.
6) I worked at Sanrio and had to dress up as Hello Kitty. At 5'6 I was too tall, and people could only wear the costume for 15 minutes at a time because with the outfit and the head it became too hot and you could pass out!
7) I'd love to live in the Florida Keys! 
8) Summer is my favorite season
9) I'm addicted to lipgloss
10) I need coffee to get myself awake in the morning.
11) I have an inordinate amount of fairy statuettes and scarves
12) I HATE cigarettes, only smoked twice as a teen and hated it. I hate everything about it.
13) My feet are always cold.
14) The last concert I went to was last friday and saw Reo Speedwagon & Chicago
15.) I absolutely love seven layer bars
16.) I was born in New Haven, CT
17.) I once got hypothermia when I was 19 when I "fell" in a lake in May!
18) I have met the following famous people (you decide how famous they are): Chris Cornell, The New York Islanders, Tom Bergeron, Rev Al Sharpton, Jae Millz
19) I have a whole lot of sad love power ballads on my phone
20.) I want to travel to every state!
21) I love jewelry but often lose it far too often
22) I adore pinterest
23)  I have two younger brothers
24) I went to college twice: One for Communcations, the other for Paralegal
25) After my first time in college I wrote for a local newspaper!

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