Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The ways we find answers.

As much as I romanticize summer, and I think to a certain extent a lot of us do - I can't handle the oppressive heat. I find myself lying in the cool shade away from the sun, away from the world. In my straw fedora and summer dress and aching introspection, I find myself wanting all my answers to come to me, as if they were the singing beauty queens from Grease waltzing down with their roller wigs and capped silver dresses. As much as we need moments to exhale, to be in the shade, to close our eyes - some answers only come from action. Some actions come from trial and error. Some answers come to us while we are hovering over the flash and the soft rev of a xerox machine while we clock in more hours so we can afford the nice things we have, the things we need, and the things that just come up. Some answers we have to move out into the sunlight for. It's all so cliche and obvious, but for those who are struggling with confidence it can be daunting to move from a place that we have built for so long, a place we are so well acquainted with to something else. Stagnant is existing, it isn't living. And as much as my fear can take over, I much rather move from the shade and live and feel all the colors life has to offer. 

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