Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Adventures of June 6th-8th

Summer weekends are always the sweetest tornadoes of dizzying memories: eating lobster rolls under the sunshine, wearing gas station sunglasses, mingling at tequila bars or swimming 'til your heart's content. That's why I decided to recap my weekends from the beautiful to banal through pictures and words.

"It's Friday so that's kind of like party in itself" 

I LOVE Fridays. They are my favorite day because 1) I get paid. Yay Money! I can actually EAT and BUY things!! 2) The suspense. I work a short day and the suspense of the night and the weekend all ready and waiting is just, well amazing! 3) Friday nights are fun. 

Friday night I went to New Haven with a girl friend of mine and we went to Rudy's Bar and Grill, a place I call "hipster" that happens to have amazing french fries. I didn't have french fries though, I had bud light. The scene was cool, but a little too sedated for us so we moved to Geronimo's.

Geronimo's is a tequila bar, nice set up - outdoor patio, great food. I had bud lights and a big man named "Sergio from East Haven" really liked my pink shoes. Two girls asked me if my favorite band was Paramore because I "look like that would be your favorite band". Hmm...k?

Here's an awful picture of me (I just want to go back in time and make myself stand straight!)


Saturday was a beautiful June day, the kind that I wasted lying in bed listening to Slacker Radio and being hungover until I realized no, I'm not going to do that. I went to the gym and had a fantastic work out. Later that night I went to Bleachers in Bristol, CT to see my friends' band play, Fear the Masses.

Snap Chats are fun!

Fear the Masses put on a great show! It's always great support local music that is really awesome. 


Sunday afternoon I met up with friends to go to Dockside in Branford, CT. It's a great restaurant that sits in a boat yard. The boats are absolutely beautiful. I had a summer Shandy, which I am designating as my summer '14 drink. 


I fell in love with the song "Night Train" by Jason Aldean, perfect background music to a beautiful weekend. 

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