Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Beauty and Ache of Summer

There is an undeniable beauty of summer, the sunshine lures you outside to patios of sangria and wind chimes like fairy whispers, guitars under the sun, sundresses at vineyards, flower crowns at music festivals. The feel of a summer kiss on a dock with your toes in the still cold water. It seems all light and good but I know the ache and darkness of summer too. I knew that when I opened my window at age 11 and heard my mom cry that my father had passed away. Passed away? I hadn't even known he was sick. Instead of running through sprinklers or biking through tree lined avenues I sat in my room, sleepless.

I know the light and the dark. I'm sure you do in your own way, too. That's why I try and fall in love with Autumn with its headdresses of tangerine and scarlet and soft emerald. I try to fall in love with the way the snow looks so white and electric hanging off bare trees like lights, or spring with all the apple and cherry blossoms. But I've known the view of a hospice window looking at the most beautiful January sunset. I've seen the light and dark and all I've come to realize you have to find your own peace, your own beauty. You have to find and create your own balance.

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