Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 13th-15th Weekend Recap

June is so beautiful - there are hot days but they are bearable and the calender is always full of events from town fireworks, festivals, music festivals, trips to the pool or beach or vineyard, or drives to the local lobster shack.

June 13th 

June 13th I had a "date night" with lady friend, Kate.  We dined at Wallingford Connecticut's very own Michael Trattoria's. It's a very nice, upscale restaurant and we drank wine, laughed and had good food. The center of Wallingford is very lively and beautiful. We walked from her house to the restaurant and kept stopping and admiring the beautiful flowers. 

Me with a rose from RosesforAutism  - a great program!

Afterwords we went out for a couple drinks. It was a nice night with my girl friend!

June 14th 

June 14th was the Branford Festival and although I've grown out of going during the night, I did want to go Saturday morning to look at all the beautiful jewelry and art. I went with my friend Sarah who has the best jewelry collection of anyone I've seen - stacks and stacks of Alex and Ani bracelets, cool intricate rings. It motivates me to start back up my jewelry collection!

June 15th 

I woke up on Father's day, and like every morning, check my phone and scroll through my newsfeed. My newsfeed was taken up (and rightfully so) with pictures of everyone with their dads. It made me sad, and also annoyed with myself I was sad. Shouldn't I be over this? He passed away at age 40 after a 2 week battle of Leukemia in 1995. it's 2014. Shouldn't I not have days where I think of him and break down in tears? It has gotten better over time, but there's still a part of me that aches. I called my mom and cried. And then I started thinking of all my fantastic memories I have of my father and wrote this:

I'm sure Heaven is lit up today with his laughter and jokes, thank you for being the best father a girl could ask for, I'm listening to the Beach Boys and enjoying the sunshine in your memory. Love you dad!


The day wasn't just about mourning though. because I was celebrating him - his life, his memory, the fact he was a fantastic father. I didn't want to spend a beautiful day crying because I know he'd want me to live and celebrate his life. I got a chance to also celebrate my friend Amanda's birthday and her engagment. She's been living in New Orleans and when I was in Biloxi I'd come visit her and I felt our friendship grew closer as she got to know me better. It was great seeing her-  she has this amazing energy about her, and I'm so happy she's found the one. 

I love this picture of us because of our embrace. True friendship <3

And of course a selfie. I don't particularly like it but I don't have any pictures of just us, so I like it for that reason. :)

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