Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventures of June 27th- June 29th

            I woke up this morning, saw my phone and was stunned at the date: June 30th. What? When did that happen. Wasn't it JUST snowing? 


Friday I woke up and had a sneaky plan, so I asked the boyfriend if he had coins since I need to print something out for work at the library and only had my credit card and I went over and printed out two tickets to see Chicago & Reo Speedwagon in August! Yay. I love summer concerts.

I work Friday until 6pm, so afterwords I trekked up to see my old college roommate Nick along with my friends Joe and Adrianna and their daughter Brianna. Brianna is absolutely precious and has the cutest craziest hair ever!! 

It was great seeing everyone but didn't get to spend as much time since I had a 50 minute commute back. 


Saturday I woke up sad. The whole day, just sad. My post earlier explains it, although that was my way of trying to remind myself not to be sad. Not to cry on summer days because it reminds me of my dad dying suddenly. Unfortunately all the plans I had that day fell through so I was faced with what I did not want: to be alone with my thoughts. But sometimes you have to, you can't depend on others for comfort and wisdom. I ended up going to the beach alone, the same beach I grew up in and reminds me of my dad. 

Later that night I ended up seeing my friends Sarah and Josh and we sat outside by a fire and talked. 

The sunset was really beautiful that night.  Reminders of even through sadness, there is still so much beauty in the world. 


Sunday I did a photo shoot with Mark Johnson, who I mentioned in a previous post and posted an impromptu photo shoot he did of my girlfriends and I. We took pictures by the Branford Green and this beautiful little private flower garden. I love finding little spots like that. So serene. 

Here's one of the pictures. It was fun to hang out in the sun during the day. Later on I hung out  and relaxed and ended up going to bed early. Some weekends are packed full of wonderful exciting things, others are days that test you, that you struggle through but as you learn and grow and live you realize how to navigate it all a little better.

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