Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventures of June 20th- June 22nd

Fireworks already! Summer solstice already! Mid-June...already. Anyone else feel that time is just going by (too) fast?


Friday after work I met up with my friend Danielle to go to Dockside, which I've previously mentioned on this blog. It's a great summertime restaurant with a bar and an amazing patio that out looks the water and beautiful boats. We got Summer Shandy's and some seafood and I was amazed by how beautiful the sunset was. Lots of yellows and greys. 

My phone is notoriously bad for taking cameras, but we did sneak a selfie before my phone died

It was a nice, mellow friday night! Which is exactly what I wanted because the next day was my friend's daughter's 3rd birthday.


Saturday was my friend Alissa's daughter Ava's 3rd birthday. She has a pirate and princess theme and it was very cute. I swear her daughter is one of the prettiest little girls I've ever seen.  We also got a fun photoshoot from our very talented photographer friend, Mark Johnson. 

His website is Mark Johnson Photography Select and if you're in the CT area I'd heavily recommend checking his work out - it's incredible. 

Afterwords, my friends Sarah, Danielle and I accompanied me to my boyfriend's friend house to watch the Branford Fireworks. It was cool we got to watch the fireworks from a private beach. The fireworks this year were absolutely amazing!

Courtesy of Sarah Kaminsky. She took a gorgeous picture!!


Sunday was my lazy day. It was a gorgeous day, but I was tired from everything so I took an amazing nap and then went to the pool with Danielle and her friend Christina. It was a mellow day after an exciting weekend!

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  1. That sunset is gorgeous!! I also think this summer just snuck up on us! Like how is it already almost the 4th of July!? Crazy!...That's awesome that you can watch the fireworks from a beach..I would love to do that! Im planning a trip to the beach next week! That would be amazing if there are fireworks there! :)