Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A New Chapter.

I've been on a mission to write every day, whether I have something to write or not. Write about the sweet things that has been said to me, the achingly awful things I've seen and felt, write about things I know and don't know. Just write. Although I have journals of stories I'm currently working on, facebook has been an outlet to write deep or funny things, but I feel it's time to move over to something a little bit more sophisticated, a little bit more personal. With the pushing of my former college professor, Robert Sagendorf, and friends that I really appreciate their advice,  I decided to start a blog.

Except I already have one!. So this blog will be more about my life, about my thoughts, my excursions and less about clothes and pinterest-y goodness. I want a place where I can write about funny things, sad things, anything. Hopefully over time I'll get an audience but right now I'm just stretching my writing muscles. I hope you will follow me on this journey, because hey why not ? So everything you read will be written by me, unless otherwise stated. Sit down, grab some coffee, tea, liquor, whatever you prefer. I won't judge.

Courtney Barrett
The Heart of a Flower

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