Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Deleting texts....

Going through my phone, deleting pictures - all blurry flower pics, or off-center beach pictures, or the selfie that meant well but didn't quite achieve the "look" I wanted, and texts I saved. Lovely, sweet texts. I'm sentimental, especially sweet words, and having to delete them so quick, I stop myself. The frustrated feeling of someone not giving you a chance fades into an understanding that it's you. It's you. You need to change. That's why this summer I'm looking for festivals I can dance with flower tiaras, going to the beach with my girlfriends, running outside like I did last year, finding hidden gems - those secret beautiful spots. I want to read books and collect antiques and have pizza. Go to NYC all get dressed up - sleek and tan - and adventure off to rooftop bars with the sunset drizzling warm pinks and fiery oranges in the background.

There is no need to keep a remembrance of something that was never there, life goes on and it's beautiful. Sometimes you have to delete the sweet texts, the blurry flower pic, the picture with too much light, so you can make room for even sweeter texts that you can keep in your phone forever, the vibrant flower picture, and just the perfect selfie. :)

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