Sunday, March 2, 2014

"A Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Lady"

           My friend Amanda's bridal shower took place in Nellie Green's, which sits on the edge of Branford river on a ship yard the - Branford Marina.  Although I wasn't there long, I loved the New England nautical backdrop, the intimate setting and table ideas, and the purple and white theme. 

Purple, white and silver balloons complimented the purple napkins and white floral centerfold and made a rather overcast day outside into a sunny, inviting room inside.  

A closer look at the table - purple and white dessert bar, white cake with purple icing and a recipe card box where all the invitees can write their own personalized recipe for Amanda.

Left: Photo collage of the happy couple and their beautiful daughter Bella. Right: Presents for Amanda.

Table setting

For scrapbooking pages personalized for Amanda

                                                      Some of the finished scrapbook pages. 

Amanda opening one of her presents (eh hem one of mine)

Photography courtesy of Sarah Lenington and a special thanks to her and Amanda Proto.

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