Saturday, February 15, 2014

Supporting Local Music: Acoustic Style

  My friends' band, Fear the Masses put on a show that presented local bands playing acoustic sets. I was unfortunate to miss my friend Sara-Joy's band By the Stars but hopefully I will catch her next show. She has excellent youtube videos of her singing, I suggest search for "By the Stars".

When I came in a band called Beach Avenue was playing, a really cool fun and amazing rock band. I immediately had to find out the name of the band and met the singer's girlfriend, a sweet pretty girl who looked like a real life version of Ariel from the Little Mermaid!. I bought their cd, Driving that Road and listened to it after. How these guys haven't hit it big yet I have no clue.

Another friends band, E.M.J. played a short but moving acoustic set. A song about a close friend dying was especially touching. 

I also got to spend time with friends including Sarah, a wife of one of the bandmates of Fear of Masses

Sarah was also the photographer of this Fear the Masses' photo playing:

This all went down on a snowy night in February at a cool little venue in Hamden, CT

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