Tuesday, December 17, 2013


                It's hard for me to stay motivated in the winter. The days get darker earlier, and the cold weather makes me want to stay inside my bed under the covers. I can't say I like the holidays too much anymore, I regard them as pretty bittersweet. I love seeing my family but I can't help but feel a loss - a loss of family and loved ones who have passed, a loss of another year - it also seems like a finale, an ending to something I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to yet.

           I suppose, like anything, it's finding the little things. When I came to my mom's house a week ago her neighbor's sons were playing with a snowman and their dad was taking a picture of them. Very cute. The way the ice looks on branches almost looks like glass or crystals sparkling in a grey sky - so beautiful. And I hate driving in this weather but there is just something so beautiful with the way fresh fallen snow hangs from trees.

                                                   What gets you through the winter?

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