Monday, October 21, 2013

A Beautiful Autumn Drive

 As I drove this October morning, I couldn't help but reminisce of years ago when my Poppy was driving me from training for AT&T in Rocky Hill back to Branford (which was so sweet) and we would take back roads and he would tell me stories of what it was like working for IBM, he would talk about these back roads soothed his mind after work and before getting home. We would marvel at the foliage - it was October that year too. The dark pine, the bleached yellow leaves, the awkward branches holding headdresses of burnt orange and cranberry leaves. He'd tell me about the sun-basked farm houses and point if there was a deer hiding in the brush.

             I miss that day, and I miss him but smiled as I saw how beautiful this drive was and how he, too, was enjoying it from heaven.

                                                          Love you Poppy

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