Monday, August 5, 2013

Stony Creek Excursion

          I've always loved Stony Creek, the artsy beach community that's part of Branford. I love Stony Creek because they call themselves their own town, they have their own post office even! They are home to the thimble islands and to the beautiful stony creek beach. I grew up going to the Stony Creek beach and going to Park & Rec down there at the park. We'd play basketball and collect little crabs in our sand buckets under the adolescent sun of summer.
         They have art galleries and music and culture there. Growing up I loved their art galleries and antique shops and would often go to the Stony Creek pizza and market, the smell of basil and tomato rising up into the air, mixing with the smell of the ocean. I love the houses with the wide open windows and private docks. And the boats! All the boats with the pretty names.

Oh, Stony'll always have a piece of my heart.

All photographs taken by Courtney G. Barrett & James C. Elmo

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