Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Of Life & Death on a Beautiful Summer Day

The other day I was driving in East Haven, about to merge on to the highway when I stopped at a red light. There was an ambulance right in front of me, and I could see clearly into it. The ambulance had no sirens or lights on. There was an elderly woman laying there, eyes closed with a young nurse hovering over her. The nurse all of a sudden stepped away from the stretcher, bent her head down and clasped her hands, prayer style. It felt like that red light went on forever and in that moment I swear I could see and feel that woman's spirit lifting up. Up out of the ambulance into a clear summer sky on an East Haven road.

Sometimes we are reminded of life and of death even on shorts drives on a beautiful summer day. You keep driving and you feel saddened and moved but grateful to be living, to be breathing and realize how much light and beauty truly surrounds you.

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