Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letting Go


          When you are in your heartbreak it's so easy to get caught up in the emotion of it. Over time you begin to break ground,  the clouds part and you get this shiny, beautiful thing called clarity. When you're in the pain it's easy to respond to it, and we all respond to it in different ways, some of us run from it, some of us run right into it. When you have finally dealt with it over the course of time you can assess a situation and see it for what it was not what you wanted to, not what you wished for, not what you secretly hoped for. You see it for everything that it was and wasn't.

       After someone does nothing to keep you in their life, when it's always you calling, texting, making plans, you giving them space and time and anything they want --- that's not a relationship. That's you trying to keep someone in your life. Realizing what you thought was a deep, beautiful connection was really just a one way, dead end street is sad but also liberating when you can just let it go. Let it go out of your heart so something better can come along and replace where you kept that love alive. It wasn't love, it was hope misdirected.

It took me way to long to realize all this, to get it out of my head and heart and to realize it's okay to let go.

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