Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beach Daze

I spent the last day of July 2013 getting errands done, including s nice job and then devoting the rest of the day to the beach. My father's side of the family have two beach cottages in Mansfield Grove in East Haven, CT. Throughout my life, I went every summer, swimming with my cousins, climbing on rocks, falling asleep to the calm moon and even calmer waves. 

Being there reminded me of when my father was still alive and running and swimming, when my best friends in the summer were my three girl cousins - Kate, Maggie and Lauren, when we'd have to wash our sandy feet before even thinking of coming inside the cottage. The grilled food, the sunsets, the hot sand between our toes, the foam we thought was soda then later found out it was pollution from the long island sound. Sweet, sweet memories! :)

Here's a look at my day: 




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