Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Wonderful Run in Late August

    Today was one of those overcast mornings that quickly turned into a heavy downpour. As the day went on the raining stopped and I grabbed my running shoes. Lately, I've been running at the local middle school track. It's nice to clear my thoughts and in my moments of ADD, I take pictures of things of interest. Today I ran off the track and on a trail into the woods to see a beautiful memorial for my 6th grade teacher who died in 2003. Memorials are sad, yes, because someone died, but I like them because they carry on that person's legacy; their story. There was another memorial to a young girl who passed away, I later asked my brother and he told me about her. That's the beauty of memorials - to keep people who are gone alive by stories, by memories, by their legacy. 

I see an eye in this

            I also noticed how many leaves have already changed and fallen. It seems like August is quickly fading into September. On my way to the middle school I drove through my favorite road in Branford - Windmill Hill Road. I love how the trees overlap, especially in the fall with all the leaves of bitter scarlet, burnt orange, pale shy green, bleached yellow all intertwine like colorful hands. I love driving through the road in the Autumn, and as much as I love summer it's those little things in life; in each season that remind you there's always something good around every corner even as one part of the chapter of life is ending.

All photographs taken by me, Courtney Barrett

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