Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Always Remember

I was at lunch in Stratford at one those delis where the customers are all regular Italian guys and in walks this little cute old lady with a sundress and wide brimmed hat, they all say "Mary's here!" and she jokes around with them and I notice for an older woman how spry and witty she is. When I'm leaving she grabs me and says "You should take a picture with that blue dress on, you look beautiful. You think you'll remember these days, but one day you'll forget". It touched me, not because of the compliment, but how true it is. One day I'll forget about what it's like to be in my 20's, to be young, to be in that moment in a deli in Stratford in a blue dress, I'll forget about her, I'll forget many little things that happen in life because life goes so very, very quickly. Time goes on, seasons change, life moves on. It made me think to stop and remember the the little things that life is made of that we so quickly forget.

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