Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missing You

There will be those beautiful, serene late May evenings driving on a moonless night when a car ride becomes me reminiscing over my dad. Losing someone so close when you're so never truly get over it - it's always a part of you that's broken you just learn over time to deal with. I've made a lot of dumb mistakes in my life but I truly try to live and love in my dads memory and spirit. Ill never come close to being as amazing As my father but he continues to be my inspiration to grow into the best most positive version of me. As my memories fade, I still remember his laugh, his spirit, his sense of humor. Ill always miss him, I'll always want him to be there for moments in my life but I know he's here, always, in these beautiful almost summer nights, in the last leg of a race, the sound of the beach boys playing by the water, the way my brother Paul laughs and smiles ..about anything. Or the countless times I'm cried missing him, but somehow found the strength to get up and live this wonderful, wild, previous life we have. I live and love in his memory, his spirit, his laughter and kindness. Life is so, so short. These beautiful nights don't last forever but neither do the dark days or mourning. I truly believe our angels are there, through light and dark guiding us through the way.

Paul Edward Barrett Jr, April 18th 1955-July 14th 1995

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