Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love: Valentine's Day

The love that inspires me is the love that both my maternal and paternal grandparents had/have.

My maternal grandparents, Paul and Pauline May were married for a long time, they were soul mates, and when my grandmother died of a stroke, the next day my grandfather told my mom he had a dream that an angel had lifted her arms to him. That night, he died in his sleep. They lived together, loved together, built a family together, had two wonderful daughters and five grandchildren, and passed away together, even having their funeral together. Their love transcends life.

My paternal grandparents, Grace and Paul were married over 60 years until my grandfather's recent death. When my grandfather was in the Korean war he kept a wallet and even after he came home from the war he kept this wallet a secret. My grandmother never saw it until days after he passed away, the wallet was dedicated to her: love letters, and pictures of her. She stayed by his side vigilantly through his illness and going over there yesterday it felt so strange, but his love is still with us and the family they built: 6 kids and a whole lot of grandchildren.

Love should be celebrated today and everyday.

                                              My maternal grandparents, Pauline and Paul May

My paternal grandparents Grace and Paul Barrett

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